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The Truth About Sex: Real Stories from Teen Guys Like You (Book)
The Truth About Sex: Real Stories from Teen Guys Like You (Book)

The Truth About Sex: Real Stories from Teen Guys Like You (Book)

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Teen Guys who've ever questioned whether sex would make them a man, felt embarrassed about being a virgin, wondered how to handle the consequences from having sex or doubted whether waiting was possible or even worth it, have a new go-to guide for answers.

The Truth About Sex provides real-life case studies of teen guys and their decisions about sex so readers can identiy what they stand to lose or gain when making their own choices. 

Guys who read The Truth About Sex will: 

  • Discover how to respond to the pressure to have sex from the media, adult men, teen girls, peers and even themselves. 
  • Learn from the experiences of others about the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact of poor choices when it comes to sex, girls and relationships. 
  • Discover how knowing their value, practicing self-discipline, and delaying gratification can set them and their future family up for success.                                                                                             

Featuring 100 self-reflection questions that challenge guys to rethink decisions they've made in the past and make better choices for their future, knowing exactly what’s at stake.

Praise for the Book...

"The Truth About Sex is AMAZING and very well-written with important information that’s impactful for young men in my generation. I’m glad it includes input from guys my age whose stories made me think about how the decisions I make today can impact my life and others’ years down the line. If I’m ever in a situation where I have to make a decision regarding sex, the teachings from this book will be at the forefront of my mind." ~Bradley, 16

The Truth About Sex is a gamechanger! Jackie Brewton has written a challenging and inspiring book, with stories from teen guys that are educational and intriguing. I found myself wishing someone would have shared this book with me when I was a hormone driven 16-year-old boy, thinking I was a man! It will inspire any young man who reads it to live with character, integrity and chase his purpose instead of pleasure!” ~Yannik McKie, Father, Pastor and Author of Living in Purpose

The Truth About Sex is full of valuable information and teaches teen guys the best way to live without sex. It also reveals many of the misguided reasons teen guys have sex. I like that it gives stories of actual teen guys and the chapters are not too long to read.” ~Xavier, 19

 “The Truth About Sex will help me with future dialogue with my teenage son and I would recommend it to every parent of a pre-teen or teen son. There is something in it for all and no stone was left unturned. Young men will benefit just knowing the questions they secretly have are also on the minds of just about every other young man; but they are either too embarrassed to ask or too proud to admit that they just don’t know certain things. I also love that it is written to young men and not at them." ~Travis Stoves, Father of Teen Guy

"The Truth About Sex is a great book that really speaks to pre-teen and teen boys. It gives great reasons as to why we shouldn’t have sex at our age. I liked the self-reflection questions included. They help you ask yourself important questions you might not have thought of if you didn’t read the book, which can really help someone who needs it now and help me in the future. I would read this book again and recommend it to my peers." – Aubrey, 12

The Truth About Sex is excellent! If young men actually take the time to read and internalize the information in this book, there is no way they will have the same thought process afterward. I love how it incorporates student dialogue, student letters, and thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter. It not only teaches young men about sex, but more importantly about their purpose and identity as a man.”  –Chris Cannon, Father and Author of The Mystery of Manhood

"The Truth About Sex helped me see sex in a new way. I thought it would be stuff I already knew and a waste of time, but it turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought. Hearing about the predator vs the protector really surprised me. The book made me realize sex has a whole lot more risks than I thought. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends." Akeem, 13

The Truth About Sex was a wonderful read. The letters from students are stunning, yet honest glimpses into the thoughts, feelings, and pressures of teenage boys. Every parent should want to stand at this ‘window’ and look in. What I ‘saw’ frightened me some, but inspired me more to reach my son in this life-changing area. I am now motivated to ask that we read this guide together. As a pastor, a parent, a Behavior Interventionist, and one who believes in U-turns, I whole-heartedly recommend this book. It says to teen boys, ‘You are valuable; therefore, you can make choices that recognize your value, even if you've made different choices in the past.’"  ~Michelle Simpkins, Mom of Teen Guy, Pastor, Behavior Interventionist

"Thank you for writing The Truth About Sex. I loved the honesty of the conversations and learning that boys are valuable too. I was glad to read that other teen guys were feeling some of the same things that I do. It lets me know that the way I feel about waiting is okay." ~Matthew, 15

“As a father of two sons and two daughters and also a health educator, I found The Truth About Sex to be a perfect tool for guiding conversations about sexual activity and a source of clarity that not all teen boys are sexually active and some actually decide to wait. The real stories and the reflection questions provide a great launch pad for having ‘the talk’ within a large group setting, small group, or one-on-one conversations. This book should be in the personal library of every student, parent, and educator.” ~Broderick Santiago, Father, Pastor & Health Educator

“I like how The Truth About Sex has testimonials from the peers of the readers where they can hear their own struggles from those they relate to best. I think that's a very effective strategy. The questions at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking and challenges teen guys to consider their thoughts and actions.” ~Derek Q. Sanders, Author of Making Sense of Love

"The Truth About Sex is absolutely amazing! The author brings in her experience with speaking to teens and is able to help boys understand the consequences of their actions in a way that makes sense. One thing that the youth complain about is that sometimes their parents or adults will tell them not to do something, but can’t give them reasons why. The Truth About Sex provides the why. Each chapter gives great discussion topics that go beyond sex. The book is framed in a way to help teens think future minded and about setting goals for themselves. As a single mom, the conversations that I was able to have with the aid of this book were priceless. My son and I read it together; we both enjoyed it. He didn’t see it as punishment or unnecessary, but very helpful.” ~Charlene Clark, Mom & Teacher