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7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You (Book)
7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You (Book)

7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You (Book)

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7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl's Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships gives girls a sneak peek inside the mind of the average teen guy. What do guys really think about girls, love, sex and relationships? Find out in their own words as this go-to guide, complete with 100+ quotes from real teens, unlocks these secrets and more. 

Girls who read this book will be:

  • empowered to recognize their worth and set standards for how they deserve to be treated,
  • equipped with knowledge to avoid unhealthy relationships, and
  • encouraged by real life examples that guys who will wait do exist.

7 Secrets is for you regardless of your relationship status. Use it to discover the health of your relationship or prepare for a future one. Either way, you’ll walk away knowing a relationship should never define you.

Praise for the Book...

"Your book is AMAZING. I enjoyed every word you had to offer. Some things you wrote about had me emotional because I didn’t want to accept the truth. After finishing your book, I was beyond grateful to have such a reliable source that I can always use when I need guidance to a healthy relationship while I’m young. Thank You Ms. Brewton. You truly are a blessing." ~ Teen Girl

"I’m 19 years old and I wish I had read this book a lot sooner, but thankfully I read it before committing a mistake. Doesn’t matter how old you are, I believe all females should read this book." ~ College student

"My daughter and I have started the book and we are so thankful for it. What a great resource for parents and their daughters." ~Mom of Teen Girl

"This book was an eye-opener for me and I think it will be for many teenage girls. As a young teenage girl, I have made a lot of mistakes with guys that have hurt me and made me want to give up on a lot of things. I didn't understand what was happening and how to handle it. Not only does this book show you how to handle the challenges we deal with, but also the truth behind some of the things we as teenagers are going through. It tells the truth and nothing less than that. I don't just recommend this book for teenage girls. I recommended it for teenage boys as well. It makes everyone who reads it think, and that's what a good book does. So read it...no, read it more than once. It is just that good." ~ Teen girl

"My 14-year-old son has read [7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You] and told me that he is striving to be the Best Guy. When we are watching T.V. or we’re out, we have our own code language on identifying behaviors. Often, he may say, “Player” or “Good Guy.” Then he’ll say what the Best Guy would do. It's pretty amazing." ~ Mom of Teen Guy

"I suppose being five months away from turning twenty-one doesn't quite qualify me as a ‘teen’ but I cannot deny that [7 Secrets Guy Will Never Tell You] spoke to me in areas that I didn't even know I needed to address in my life. I highly suggest every teenage girl, or any female that feels young, grab a copy of this book. (As much as I would love to share mine, I fear I wouldn't get it back and that's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make)." ~ College student

"My daughter has read your book and I can see a huge difference in our relationship.  She is starting to be more social at home, which makes me happy. Thank you for being here to help me with my daughter." ~ Mom of Teen Girl 

"Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! I want to thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart for writing this book. For sharing real life situations/case scenarios. After reading your book, my daughter has opened up to me about sex and relationships…she even admitted to recently almost engaging in sexual activity. You are a blessing from above. God bless you tremendously. Much love!" ~ Mom of Teen Girl

“I recently finished reading this book to give to my daughter soon. This book is a must read for any teen girl! Empowering!” ~ Mom of Teen Girl

“Dear Ms. Brewton (having read your book 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You, I almost want to just call you Jackie, you've become like a friend). I, a 47-year-old mother of 3 girls, 24, 19, and 12—loved your book. And like so many, I wish I had read it when I was younger. It would have propelled me in a very different direction. The power that you are offering—every female needs to hear, and preferably early in her life.” ~ Mom of Teen Girl

"I LOVED the book! Over the last seven years Jackie Brewton has come to my classroom to speak, I have witnessed her ability to effectively engage with teen girls on this topic. With her many years of experience conversing with teen girls and teen guys, Ms. Brewton has become an expert on their thoughts about sex. Thankfully, she has taken her expertise and put it in written form. Her approach is unique. This is not the typical book that relies on scare tactics: unwanted pregnancies, STDs, etc. Rather, it uses the testimonies and admissions of teen guys and the flawed thinking of teen girls to reveal how engaging in teen sex is counterproductive to what a teen girl really searches for: love, acceptance, and (too often) her father’s approval. This book will help many girls keep their lives on track and others to get back on track to a successful future. If I had one book that I could give to a teen daughter, 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You would be the book."  ~ Middle School teacher for 18 years

"To say that I was blown away by the book is an understatement. I was so impressed by the quality of your research, and your ability to support all of the critical points you were making with the stories of the teenage girls and boys you spoke to. The book is truly a masterpiece, and it is one that this generation needs so badly.  A book such as yours truly provides an alternative voice that is not heard in our culture. I really wish your book had a larger profile as it truly deserves to be a bestseller.  Ever since I read your book I have been thinking about how you could get more publicity for your book and truly garner more of the attention that you deserve." ~ Mom of Teen Girl

“I first heard you speak last year and was hooked. I ordered your book right away and read it so fast. It was simple and to the point, yet full of so many thought-provoking topics. I have since recommended it to so many friends. I had my husband read it too. His comment, ‘I wish I had read this in high school.’ We also had our 14-year-old daughter read it. Your book led to so many great conversations…I wish you lived closer as I would take my daughter and her friends to hear you speak.” ~ Mom of Teen Girl

"You won't believe how this book has blessed me and our youth! All of the case studies and testimonials were eye opening and very relevant. I began reading the book and immediately realized that I needed to take notes and share your insight with our youth…We split the class and made the boys and girls face each other. The dialogue and response in our group was so good that by the second day they were begging us to skip the games and activities in order to have more time for the discussion and notes.  By the end of summer, I will have read the book about five times, but I don't mind because it's worth it." ~ Youth Leader