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The Sex Talk Every Teen Guy Needs To Hear (DVD)

The Sex Talk Every Teen Guy Needs To Hear (DVD)

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 In this hour long, "real talk" discussion, Jackie sits down with teen guys to share:

  • Benefits of discipline and delayed gratification
  • Importance of valuing education, having a vision and setting goals
  • Risks involved with teen sex (physical, emotional and legal)
  • Importance of valuing and respecting themselves

Teens will enjoy having an understanding adult speak openly about a topic they often find too awkward to discuss with their parents. Adults will appreciate watching an expert demonstrate methods for opening up dialogue with their own kids. Join Jackie and let's start this conversation together!

Praise for the DVD...

"You're just what I needed to continue pursuing my dreams, career and future. Whether you know it or not you've re-sparked the fire to keep me doing everything possible to BE ALL THAT I CAN BE…I highly recommend this DVD for every teen and will share it with others. I don't know how I could possibly get you to fully understand how extremely thankful I am for you sharing what teenagers need to know. Thank You So Much!!!!" ~High School Senior Guy

"We've shown your DVD to our nephew and were able to have some good dialogue. I believe you opened his eyes and changed his perspective. Thank you for pouring your time and heart into these resources!" ~Adult woman

"My husband, son and I sat and watched the DVD together, and it really resonated with my son who is 15. There are not many things boys are willing to sit still and watch for a solid hour without losing interest. When we watched the video, it was later in the evening on a school night. About 40 minutes in, my husband asked my son if he wanted to watch the rest of the video later. My son said he wanted to finish watching. If the video by itself kept my son enthralled and consequently obviously more thoughtful about his decisions and actions, I know seeing you in person would be beneficial to our student population. I hope we will be able to get you to [our school] one day and soon.  Our students need it." ~ High School Assistant Principal

"All parents and youth leaders need to invest in this DVD. Instead of telling teens to say NO to sex, [Jackie] encourages them to say YES to their dreams. There are so many quotes, powerful points and anecdotes in the message that it will resonate and have an impact on ALL who hear it." ~Youth Leader

"I recently watched the Dreams, Decisions, Destinies DVD. It is such a riveting and powerful video. I have the opportunity to put together a presentation for new students at Gordon College this August and wondered about the possibility of showing your video or parts of it. What are the copyright restrictions on showing it to a large group? Thank you for all you do to encourage and inspire young people through your seminars, speaking engagements and videos." ~Volunteer